Silicone rubber is what _ what is silicone rubber development course, chemical structure, classification, varieties, performance, application

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silicone rubber is what, today, from the development of silicone rubber, silicone rubber chemical structure, the classification of the silicone rubber varieties, and the performance of silicone rubber, silicone rubber comprehensive explanation of the application of what is silicone rubber. Rochow invented the methane chloride with silicon and direct synthesis of methyl chlorosilane, started from the laboratory to industrial production. In 1944 America's General Electric company synthesis of polydimethylsiloxane. 1945 the United States Dow Corning silicone rubber SR - research of goods And the SR - 73 Nyde and others get high quality polymer to replace it. Use fumed silica as reinforcing filler, organic peroxide as curing catalyst, received a strong practical silicone rubber, and gives some practical performance of dimethyl silicone rubber phase. Methyl vinyl silicone rubber was developed in 1948. In 1951, and the successful development of phenyl silicone rubber. And research and development of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, then successively developed successful acrylic silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber, etc. In 1966 and successfully developed the poly carbon borane silicone rubber, can be used under 400 ℃. Is roughly divided into four categories: organic silicon products silicone oil and its derivatives, silicone rubber, silicone resin and organic silane faculties, three kinds of known as polysiloxane materials before. What is a silicone rubber? ( 硅橡胶/问) Silicone rubber is made by various dichlorosilane after hydrolysis and polycondensation and get an element organic elastomer. (1) the classification of the silicone rubber varieties, according to the high temperature vulcanization vulcanizing temperature points or hot vulcanization and room temperature vulcanizing type two kinds of high temperature vulcanization, namely the HTV type, solid rubber for high molecular weight, processing technology is similar to ordinary rubber vulcanization molding. Room temperature vulcanizing type, namely the RTV model, it is of low molecular weight reactive end groups or side base of liquid rubber, can be at room temperature vulcanization molding, RTV is divided into two-component RTV silicone rubber ( Hereinafter referred to as RTV - 2) And one-component RTV silicone rubber ( Hereinafter referred to as RTV - 1) 。 [2] points according to the chemical structure, introducing side group can significantly improve the physical and mechanical properties, heat resistance and processing performance. Depending on the side of the silicone rubber base mainly include: dimethyl silicone rubber, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, trifluoro propyl methyl vinyl silicone rubber, acrylic silicone rubber (3), according to the different characteristic points 1 universal five low compression permanent deformation type 2 type high strength 6 9 conductive silicone rubber wire, cable type 10 heat shrinkable type 3 high temperature resistant type 2 of 7 11 without resistance to oil solvent sulfide type 4 low temperature type 8 12 sponge structure of the silicone rubber, silicone rubber flame retardant 1, 2, saturated rubber non-polar rubber 3, molecular flexibility good 4, to crystallize 3, the performance of the silicone rubber 1, excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance - working temperature range 100 ~ 350 ℃, excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging resistance, aging resistance to light and weather aging resistance of silicone rubber vulcanizates under free state in outdoor years no change in performance. 3, good electrical insulating properties of electrical insulating properties of silicone rubber in be affected with damp be affected with damp, frequency variation, or smaller change of temperature rise, after combustion of SiO2 is still of insulators; Low carbon atoms in the molecular structure of silicon rubber and don't give carbon black as filler, so seldom happened during arc discharge charred, so it is used in high-pressure situations very reliable; Its corona resistance and arc resistance is extremely good, corona resistant life 1000 times that of ptfe, arc resistant life is 20 times of fluorine rubber. 4, special surface properties and physiological inert silicon rubber surface can be lower than most of the organic material, it has low moisture absorption, soak in water for a long time the bibulous rate is only 1% or so, physical and mechanical properties do not drop, mouldproof performance good; In addition, many of its material is not sticky, but isolation effect. Silicone tasteless, non-toxic, no bad effect to human body, and minor tissue reaction, with excellent physiological inertia and biological aging. 5, high permeability silicon rubber compared with those of other polymers has very excellent permeability; At room temperature in N2, O2, and air through the quantity more than 30 ~ 40 times the NR; It also has a choice of gas permeation performance; On permeability is double the N2 O2, CO2 transmittance is about five times of O2. Four, the application of silicone rubber, silicone rubber can be used in auto parts, electronic parts, aerospace products, the bonding seam construction industry, household electrical appliances seals, medical artificial organs, catheters, etc. ; High temperature in the textile equipment, and in the high alkali, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide concentration device for sealing materials and to achieve good results. The above is the relevant information about the silicone rubber, hope everyone to silicone rubber has a deeper understanding, choose the silicone products factory in foshan, foshan area can consider rubber products factory 10 old factory professional and more efficient.
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