Silicone rubber continuous price increases, 'tires also change up? ”

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Today the company started out as soon as she entered the chance for a colleague, 'at such a price, I can't afford to change the wheel son! Silicone raw materials rise in price, now even the tire with prices 'three or four quarter since 2016, silicone rubber products raw materials prices, natural rubber and synthetic rubber in the original not only influence the silicone products manufacturer, for each big tire industry sales has different degrees of influence, finally tire enterprise also does not carry price increases this year, qi qi pricing! A survey many tire manufacturers have to adjust the price! Some tire enterprise engineer said: last November to the present natural rubber raw materials increased by 25%, but the speed of price adjustment or less raw material, harden amplitude or influence is mainly concerned with the next homes sales! Small make up thought originally synthetic rubber silicone rubber industry raw material price is rising the fastest one, thought that this year the global tyre price adjustment has been intensive rise, is precisely why is lacunar adjust the price? One raw material costs increase increased, in order to guarantee the normal of the factory, the buyer can accept the reasonable price, must be considered before deciding how much increase the price can be accepted, second, the rise in raw material much faster than the increase of the tire, and in the silicone industry also has this kind of phenomenon, such as old customers before pricing have been signed, but the basic changes every month, the raw material vendors here don't like customers, so this is 'dummy eat rhizoma coptidis have a bitter could not say'! ! So when China rubber industry continue to price increases to a certain extent, has the good and bad, from the Angle of industry, product prices will lead to smaller operators after threatened to continue hard, large dealers only a stable income, harm is old customers belong to the orders for long-term cooperation, is difficult to communicate to raise prices, it is difficult to develop new customers, the price was suppressed, advantage is that new clients to accept offer and subsequent long-term stability. Actually under this trend, the rubber industry has been running on compressed profit, for the quality of the product quality advantages, on the basis of the price of new customers to work! Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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