Silicone rubber badge of various process and introduce the advantages and disadvantages

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber badge also called silicon rubber plate/tags/badges and so on, the role of the sign is used to identify the direction and the warning role, silicone rubber badge above can adopt different process can be text, pattern, etc. Sign according to the material points can be divided into: ceramic material ( Such as: metal composite and pure ceramic) , metal material, Common such as: stainless steel plates, aluminum/copper plates, etc. ) Non-metallic materials (such as, Including silicone rubber material sign, acrylic/PVC panels, etc. ) , silicone rubber badge with common process, 'SanDian' : electrophoresis/electroforming, electroplating; 'Four' : screen printing, offset printing, pad printing, transfer printing; Second common sign process has: highlights, crystal, porcelain enamel, etc. Details of all kinds of silicone rubber badge process, process is of the most widely used for 'SanDian four seals', so the first thing we say 'SanDian' process: 1. 'Electrophoretic' general electrophoresis coating is used on the sign process, and is in direct current field, cooperate with the etching process, the paint with polar liquid deposition on the surface of the bare metal, the biggest characteristic is: environmental non-toxic, low cost. 2. 'Electroforming' with 'plating' to distinguish, although the principle of which is the same, but the plating is on the workpiece protective decorative and functional coating of metal plating technology, electroforming is by using the larger current density in the layer metal electrodeposition replication technology, electroforming is applied to make is most characteristic sign, the sign of the degree of fine and bright and clean degree is very good. 3. 'Plating' process can be metal or plastic material is different, after etching by deposition of metal ions, usually in the form of chromium, nickel and gold. Electroplating is most characteristic signs: the surface is very light, looks very noble, and corrosion resistance is strong. Recommend related products: PVC tags silicone rubber badge 'four seals' process: 1, the first to introduce printing: it has a strong adaptability, so they are widely used and more applied in the silicone rubber plates, metal and plastic plates, etc. , low cost, wide application; 2, offset printing: round flatten way of printing, graphic by rubber roller to plane workpiece; Offset printing plate fine workmanship, is widely used in the table card. 3, pad printing: silicone rubber pad printing process is very simple, but do not pay attention to the details on printing will be a lot of problems such as: ink viscosity, poor graphic, clear, etc. ; Silicone rubber pad printing and sign the biggest advantage is that it can be printed on the surface of the irregular shaped graphic, etc. , are widely used in electronic appliances, instruments and meters. 4, transfer printing, transfer printing technology is widely used in sheet metal, features: the graphic is very clear, because the production cost is higher. Above is all kinds of technology and the advantages and disadvantages of silicone rubber badge, want to know highlights, crystal, enamel signs, such as technology or more about silicone rubber badge custom matters can contact directly.
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