Silicone rolling pin customization features

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
The traditional rolling pin is made of wood, just wooden rolling pin easy sticky dough, and wooden rolling pin bacteria, and silicone rolling pin can solve these two problems, the perfect use of time is not sticky dough also won't produce bacteria, safe non-toxic silica gel material, placed for a long time to also won't be the breeding ground for bacteria. Silicone rolling pin custom parameters product name: wooden roller rolling pin product material: rubber wood + food-grade silicone product origin: dongguan product colors: green, orange, mei red, sky blue product size: 47. 5 * 6 * 6 cm product net weight: 377 g scope of application: west baking, uniform roll out, pack dumpling, do chaos, etc. , are often used to roll out, sugar production, not sticky, convenient cleaning, silicone rolling pin USES the food grade silica gel is non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, green product is a highly active material, with thermal stability and excellent softness. Silicone rolling pin custom features 1, choose A kitchenware products we attach importance to food safety, according to China's food grade production standard, we choose the baby consisting of kitchen utensils and food grade materials, all the selected raw materials, do not contain bisphenol A, in conformity with export standards, let the baby can be at ease use of kitchen utensils and appliances is qualitative, is our material in the first place. 2, strong flexibility, roller design, curved handle, non-stick surface, use energy saving, comfortable feel. 3, USES the food grade silica gel, health and safety, without any additives, does not contain toxic substances, distortion resistance to corrosion, high temperature resistance, no crack, prevent bacterial growth, easy to clean, roll the dough no longer stick. 4, food-grade silicone material, surface smooth round, roll surface wear is not sticky. 5, fine workmanship, prevent slippery antibacterial, thick handle, easy to use. 6, wide range of USES, roll the noodles, the wrappers, wonton skins, steamed stuffed bun, baked wheat cake, pizza, etc. 7, streamlined solid wood handle with rotary roller, is more efficient to save time. 8, the surface is made of food grade silica gel, wear-resisting, easy to clean, and not sticky, rod shaft, food grade material, high flexibility, not easy to deformation, durability, streamlined rubber handle love oh solid wood handle, rotary roller collocation, is more efficient to save time, practical with wooden handle, was made because it is real wood, such as tree bears, naturally formed scar belongs to the normal, does not affect use.
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