Silicone raw materials prices finally let up, after eleven last cut!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Through all kinds of silicone products steadily in September, supply to meet demand, have the obvious decline in the price of the silicone material, so far more than part of the organic silicone product prices show a smooth, personally think that meet specific factors or because silicone downstream manufacturers supply, design silicon material stock up by all walks of life, in the middle and lower reaches of the silicone products, and gradually into the off-season. Silicon silicon prices this week has the obvious loose, or at home and abroad about is about 2%. The mainstream of domestic single crystal material price clinch a deal in around 88 yuan per kilogram, high low prices have declined as a whole. Cauliflower is expected to clinch a deal valence also continued to fall, more than in 80 - per kilogram 82 yuan between. Polycrystalline demand remains weak, the market at present and single crystal although demand is better, but as the supply gradually increased, the price is also difficult to stick to the current level. So in mainland. After the holiday next week, the price is expected to be adjusted. During the 11th, many polysilicon wafer plant will have at least the case, so after the holiday price changes, mainly to look at the utilization of polycrystalline silicon slice is recovered. Silicon material end whether there will be inventory produced at the same time, will also affect the attitude of bargaining. Overseas part, as the market downturn, the price continued to fall, the actual clinch a deal valence is part of the below $10 per kilogram. Silicon polysilicon prices continue to make adjustments, clinch a deal the mainstream domestic prices fell in every piece of 2. 2 yuan, and the overseas in every piece of 0. About $285. This week decline largely limit, although there are still a lot of domestic low clinchs a deal, but more than a line companies keep in 2 per piece. RMB 2 levels, estimated at the end of the holiday, if there is no obvious downward revision silicon material, the price should be stability. Overseas, the price also with the domestic trend of press close to, and due to the poor polycrystalline market conditions, the seller retains bargaining space, so this week the price is still under repair. How is the loss of sales by the silicon end, so the current price after holiday adjustment starts, should be controlled to some extent. Current forecast for October silicon price change, can only follow the silicon material price down slowly. Single crystal, because longji has declared not adjust the price, and the single crystal market stability, so the estimate should be before the end of October there will be no price adjustment. Cell cell situation similar to last week this week, domestic market continued warming of the single crystal product, overall the PERC cell needs better. However, due to the China national holiday nearly, the PERC cell basic maintain level last week, the price of 21. More than 5% of the single crystal PERC cell clinch a deal the price in 1. 15 - 1. 17 yuan; Ordinary single crystal PERC21. 2 - 21. About 4% gear price fall to 1 per watt. 1 - 1. 12 RMB fluctuation; Although overseas offer to local prices, but as a result of overseas component manufacturers are constantly component downward pressure on prices, so the overseas cell is still difficult to rise in price. Polycrystalline prices are still present and slow down the situation, conversion efficiency of 18. 6% or more of the polycrystalline cell most price falls on 0 per watt. 88 yuan, up and down and Taiwan manufacturers because of lost the European market, polycrystalline cell given hard, prices are still down slowly. Components of recent domestic prices have been relatively steady, but the component price continues to overseas, especially European market spot prices after MIP cancel, by original capacity supply mainly to southeast Asia by domestic supply capacity, low cost advantage more prices downward space. The recent European conventional polycrystalline component price has reached 0 per watt. $24, lower prices have also heard up and down. Single crystal, Europe 300 w, 305 w monocrystalline PERC component demand, but the market prices impact of silicone manufacturers to lower prices to rob city, pull the overseas price with polycrystalline shows continuous price trend.
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