Silicone protective film advantages and disadvantages, the advantage and selling point you know?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Protection film in our daily life is our life a product demand is bigger, PET materials, for example, currently on the market all kinds of protection film all choose rubber and plastic PET materials, and with the constant innovation of organic silicon material, the silica gel protective film also took part in the middle of the daily necessities of life, in addition to the ultra-thin screen saver, more smooth mirror, on the screen and electronic products and is greatly appreciated. In silicone protective film, silicone rubber material and other material the difference is that it's transparent component is higher, used in the screen saver can achieve good visibility, and products in terms of its resistance to tear and other materials have certain differences, softness materials at the end of the tearing resistance of degree is higher, used in some special circumstances can achieve good tensile and abrasion resistance of its main advantages to occupy the market most, you know what! 1, the light transmittance of the silicone protective film is higher, generally used for screen surface protection, now on the market of three layer 125 hd membrane using the silicone glue. 2, silicone protective film is generally with the adsorption effect, suitable for a few more flat, smooth surface protection, such as a mirror, screen, plastic shell, etc. 3, silicone protective film at the same time also has the advantage that the exhaust fast, so a lot of people in the post screen when they prefer to use this kind of silicone protective film, because it's not like acrylic coating, it will be a lot of bubbles, affect beautiful degree. 4, be stable colloidal silica gel protective film, usually glue are not available, and itself is a certain effect of high temperature resistant, can be used in higher temperature field, the director of the time. 5, silicone protective film of the acid and alkali resistant effect is good, can be applied to some need to use the occasion of acid and alkali resistant. 6 with acrylic glue, silicone protective film, protective film is different, can appear the condition of powder, so its cleanliness is also quite high. Silicone material is a kind of new material, is widely used in household life industry, silicone protective film products in addition to electrical and electronic, as articles for daily use of silica gel sheet film products are gradually used by consumers, main effect is to isolate, insulation, protective sealing conditions play a good role, such as its main advantage is environmental protection non-toxic, in different industries can react to any material without any conflict, the market has been recognised and the advantages and disadvantages of it.
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