Silicone products, why it is important to the design research and development?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Have silicone adult supplies, we all know, is the modern young people are more suited to a daily necessities of life, sales, and the heat this piece of the market have a certain outlook, silicone sex products in recent years by the environmental protection which is a non-toxic material, mainly take a depends on the online sales, as some B2B, C2C platform are hot, but the important thing is designed and developed a sex products is not so simple, a lot of research and development design company might be a investment of hundreds of thousands of products, and a sex products may allow you to invest millions, one of the main reasons that you know? A new product requires a lot of steps, from the initial to the finished product and silica gel products is the same even more into, first of all, the appearance of a product can determine whether or not this kind of silicone products will be welcomed by the market, and while a silicone material is the main body, need to open mould to confirm, sample confirmation, color, the combination of raw materials, and other processes, but in addition to the silica gel a finished product need the combination of different materials and process, also need to spend more on other technology. Plastic should all know, the cost of it and the difference with the silica gel, mold fee may be several times higher than that of alone, and sex products silicone is more pay attention to outward appearance and shape, so more different said it need more high precision, the other is the circuit inside the appearance of parts and accessories, that the research and development to the final success may also need a lot of input, and if not tested online effect, and will return to the origin, change the structure may result in all parts size is change wait for a phenomenon. In addition, in every process, there are different problems, such as silicone products manufacturer in processing may occur when the exterior control can not meet the requirements, plastic in bad polishing etc. Phenomenon, and these all achieve, then the last step, advertising effort, effect and the market reaction will get consistent high praise are difficult to assess, so a product from r&d to success is to use own youth gambling tomorrow and future! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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