Silicone products vulcanizing agent why fire?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Silicone rubber mixing appear when products factory processing a variety of reasons, rubber mixing this process is an important link, is the main process in rubber mixing machine, back and forth above to reach the effect we want to the production of rubber, rubber mixing in rubber raw materials to add color and vulcanizing agent, while adding must be accurately calculated, how many grams of adhesive and curing agent of color, can want to colour and quality of rubber but the main or add curing agent, because the rubber mixing if not add curing agent, rubber molding without, so add the attention of the vulcanizing agent point a lot of control is bad will affect the quality and properties of rubber mixing and do not pay attention to there will be dangerous, the main vulcanizing agent on the spontaneous combustion phenomenon, below we specific to know what are the cause of the fire! In rubber refining our electrostatic is too big, in the case of static electricity is too large if the top of rubber mixing machine rubber sticking together, is likely to happen on fire, so try to use hand to touch in rubber mixing drum of the rubber prevent electrostatic generation, vulcanizing agent itself is not anti-static, rubber mixing added vulcanizing agent, in dry or under the condition of high temperature, vulcanizing agent in rubber mixing machine roll led to high heat, and a fire happens Suggestions to reduce the temperature, keep moist. During the refining of high hardness rubber material, if you don't often cut off the roller to see the machine on the rubber sparks flying, accompanied by the sound of static collision is very big, this kind of situation if join the vulcanizing agent, careless slightly change caused by spontaneous combustion. The article from the professional silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Reprint please indicate the source
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