Silicone products to prevent aspiration

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
Silicone material is, indeed, a strong practical function, and the point is to make it and the beneficial and harmful, dust and impurities is the most weak sex is one of the disadvantages of silica gel products, and nature is the main combination of silica gel adsorption force, so as a lot of silicone products in the market which is not the solution of the dust and debris, in the life the silicone cup mat is one of them, so the main reason for the adsorption of dust and silica gel products processing methods have? Stained with dust sticky sundry etc. Phenomenon is the ontology of silicon dioxide chemical, adsorption phenomenon of raw materials is a kind of inevitable factors, so for the silicone products used in life and the textile, wool and other place is certainly there will be a sticky phenomenon, just for this kind of phenomenon is needed in the silicone products processing factory for processing and solve. Know adsorption force is the main reason for the silicone products gathered dust, so in the raw material of organic silicon and inorganic silicon additives are not identical, different adsorption way can reduce the silicon chain structure unit in the silicone material, can be in the amount of raw materials mixing while adding more water to destroy the silicon hydroxyl adsorption intensity, reduce the proportion of active silica gel adsorption! After forming silica gel products are belong to without secondary treatment process, so there will be automatic dust adsorption capacity, surface and surface by electrostatic oil spray cover electrostatic adsorption ability to prevent, there are two kinds of processing methods, in front of the silica gel products factory processing production using anti-static rubber, in control of silica gel adsorption of raw materials can and ( Reduce anode) , another method is to generate the silica gel products after the injection processing, anti-static oil spraying in silicone product surface is smooth, no static effect!
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