Silicone products price increases under the influence of white carbon black market have?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
In the first quarter of 2018 has ended, presumably after April as a member of the silica gel products industry, we also often will be market price affects tightly. Prices cannot control, downstream pricing was rejection, gas phase silica movements of prices so far has become the norm, organic silicon industry have DCM, D4, raw rubber, 107 glue and silicone has been on the rise in price, as of now the domestic gas phase silica market continue to run good stability. Because the supply is tight, companies in order to maintain the early stage of the order, to suspend foreign quotation and order. Long before April, Japan's mountain chemical gas phase silica giant enterprise price announcement: due to the prices of raw materials such as silicon metal, starting from April 1 this year, hill chemical production of gas phase silica, silicon tetrachloride can comprehensive price increases, price increases more than 10%. Rise in raw material of silica gel products on the market price of silicon metal prices, recent white carbon black prices continue to rise. After April 1, the domestic market of white carbon black has been on a rising state, # 150 average price as high as 33500 yuan/ton, east China south China # 150 average price is 35500 / ton. Silicone products market price with the upstream raw material equivalence, leading to the main reason of mixing rubber industry continues to increase. On the other hand, white carbon black prices will affect the downstream prices rose, white carbon black widely, can be used for plastic, tires, cosmetics, rubber and silicone products and other industries, however, such as plastics, cosmetics, ceramics industry types of additives, the prices of white carbon black not caused fluctuations of these industries. And adding silica rubber and silicone, can guarantee the product wear-resisting and anti-aging, and keep the color and unchanged for a long time. Therefore lead to the downstream silicone products manufacturer to become one of the main channel of white carbon black, price change will cause the silicone and rubber products industry prices. Market forecast: as the downstream demand, the gas phase white carbon black market is popular. Cost and demand side support firm, expects the late gas phase silica market prices continue to remain high.
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