Silicone products manufacturer with you understand how to improve the silicone sheet material shelf life

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Anything in a different environment are affected by some, such as high and low temperature, hydraulic pressure and stress distribution, etc. , and silicon sheet coil, its defect is to be affected with damp be affected with damp, heat, acid, alkali, oil and other chronic corrosion circumstances will lose performance, functional security will gradually decline, this kind of circumstance should be how to improve the shelf life of silicone sheet material? Silicon sheet coil under normal conditions using basic wouldn't worry about it will be a quality expired or aging, but those products for the silicone gasket pads environment affected with the outside world for a long time, use for a long time will still be on the aging rate of the product and functional effect of the different industries in the field of the role of the silicone gasket is usually used for sealing, shock absorption and isolation of the function of waterproof and heat-resistant, so in case some bad environment still need to be certain protective effect. Silicone sheet assembly and in use process shall strictly control force influence, such as for mechanical electronic silicone gaskets can minimize stress degree of extrusion products, let the product in use process have certain efforts to slow down, silicone rubber gasket for the environment at the same time and have a certain influence, ozone, and the oil is the key to its aging, so as far as possible under favorable conditions will be gasket principle ozone environment dry, principle of heat, moisture and oil and other environment. Silicone products manufacturer and if the storage volume of silicon materials properly, and silica gel products quality and life will be extended, such as product didn't properly keep storage, then use for a long time by acid, alkali, oil, the influence of the oxygen corrosion products such as the subsequent long-term storage in air will occur with air oxidation, silicone gaskets appear deformation, discoloration, strength reduction, the phenomenon such as product deformation, so as far as possible in the process of using silica gel coil in dry environment. Usually according to different products, choose the comparative advantage of silicon sheet coil material and product hardness is the key to improve the quality of the products, the normal use of the products is to ensure its life key, so in addition to the nature of the product also need to be careful use, not damaging the use!
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