Silicone products manufacturer wholesale choose good factory, the product life is guaranteed

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Current maternal and infant with silica gel products have such a phenomenon, is a lot of clients are looking for silicone products manufacturer wholesale took the goods, will ask the service life of products. Because there are many small factories for the benefit of figure, and lower the standards of process, make the product quality is poor. Like a baby with silicone tooth gum, let mom worried very much treasure, in addition to worry about material safety, also worry that the product service life is short. The service life of silicone baby teeth that are divided into natural life and the service life of the conventional both to determine, routine use of life is in the consumer normally used as part of the fixed number of year, and during the period of use without the use of products to make destructive and irregular way of use, and the natural life is according to its material, process and production to sales, customer use, until there is no use value, completely discard all of the time difference between both experienced so far, and will have between the aging trend, but at different time. In routine use cases silicone children's tooth gel mainly life down because it long-term exposure to contact with the external environment and influenced by the strength such as long-term 'bite, twists and turns, extrusion, etc. , due to the silicone teeth that long-term exposure to human skin, so the hard to avoid can contact with the liquid in the process of use, so that it also holds one of the life to the cause, and silicone rubber under the condition of normal occlusion strength used baby teeth, basic will not affect the service life of it, under normal circumstances with more than three years has no effect, unless the artificial damage. Except routine use of silica gel products natural life is on the one hand, it is main raw material to the silica gel in the process of children's tooth gel custom manufacturer production reduced caused by natural aging phenomenon, in the aspect of raw material may arise the main problem is the raw material of organic tin clashed with catalyst and reinforcing agent, mixing proportion is a little gap edge to fixed-line, polysulfone polysulfide compounds containing amine content and ethyl carbamate or items not saturated, combination reaction, after adding the whole curing and fixed-line don't wait for a phenomenon. In the silicone products manufacturer in the process of machining, rubber silicone tooth liquidity is poor, product pull springback and accelerated aging phenomenon, and natural aging baby silicone tooth gum is also combined with the environment and the use of the material number as a result, such as silica gel products belong to high quality raw materials under the condition of the normal storage, it won't because of the influence of the environment lead to aging failure, can be kept.
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