Silicone products manufacturer which test need to be?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
As silicone products on the market competition, consumers and dealer's demand on the market for some manufacturers also more and more high, now whether in industry, work and life above a lot of our products are moving toward a good trend, and in the silicone industry is no exception, but for each silicone products manufacturer's production requirements are very strict, this is the provisions of the state and consumer recognition, although now on the market there are some disadvantages of silicone products, but believe that way, the manufacturer will hit sooner or later, we are silicone products manufacturer competition is intense, because under the fierce competition, so consumers have more choices for us, but if you want to let the consumer can choose you, then you must be strict control on product inspection to continue. Often in what is now the 21st century in China, a lot of friends love the products abroad and in our mobile phones, is basic for domestic, rarely used, but want to apple in the United States, South Korea's samsung, that is how much is the best-selling products in China, and whether the aspect, we used a lot of imported materials, rather than just on the phone, our metal materials, food materials, chemical materials are imported, for the silicone products also have imported materials, imported materials is carried out which certification export? Such as the European and American countries most is food grade the FDA standard, and French is the LFGB standard. As long as raw materials of silica gel silica gel products, these can be done through the SGS testing project, silicone products and many manufacturers have been FDA and LDGB detection, but according to the requirement of the customer needs is what test, test items and categories for certification testing, about silicone products we certification test for each part of the world, as long as your request certification testing that are needed to respect, we have to that on the one hand, the certification testing. Articles from the professional xiamen silicone case manufacturers - Reprint please indicate the source!
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