Silicone products manufacturer to take you to see how the waste silicone rubber processing

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Due to the large now silicone rubber products factory production, and silica gel products factory almost every few days will be accumulated a lot of waste rubber, these waste rubber main is the waste material and waste products produced, if he can't even handle, will lead to the deterioration of environment, this not only takes up a lot of area, also bring to the company the bad environment, so the processing of silicone rubber must be even, and now through the timely processing of silicone, it fully recycling, the use of the waste silicone rubber will also bring great benefits to the society. Waste rubber recycling? If waste silicone rubber is not timely processing, not only polluted the environment, and waste of resources, so many silicone products factory will put the recycling of silicone rubber pieces together in together, melting into rubber particles, or powder, after dealing with secondary use, general silicone rubber was used after the second use demand in some industries, such as the use of asphalt, and mixed with waste rubber asphalt concrete its asphalt content decreases, and increase elasticity, water resistance, resistance to spin off and throw anti-sliding performance are improved, such as asphalt concrete has obvious anti freezing pavement performance. Is the use of waste rubber process regeneration use and circulation, thus the cycle of waste rubber rubber industry use value.
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