Silicone products manufacturer should note | silicone buttons may be replaced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Life everyone silicone products should be still not very familiar with, but the key of this product should be charting, the development of key dates back to last century in various key, industrial science and technology, 80 - 90 s keys on mobile phones such as nokia phones use are key or silicone rubber. Along with the development of The Times and demands, a lot of silicone buttons now out of home appliances, but now many technology products are electronic touch screen to operate manually, use the silicone buttons rarely, so in the future a lot less of this silicone products gradually. So we do silicone products manufacturer should note | silicone buttons may be replaced, the soft silicone buttons in recent years, abrasion resistance, insulation and permeability make it popular in the world. But from the current major of electronics, electrical appliances and other industries, most are as vice material, silica gel silica gel to make product design can only as auxiliary accessories or parts, like the silicone buttons, is also a part of the primary production. Now is intelligence era of environmental protection, a lot of key products are implemented through touch screen to control, so the silicone buttons on the market in the future will gradually reduced or even eliminated. Silicone key relevant article recommended mobile phone silicone failed to do | solve silicone key problem such as slow silica gel and expectations have error, so what is the cause of the error?
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