Silicone products manufacturer said:' Prices do bad, not far from the closed also.

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
A friend and some time ago to go to a show, they not competitors during the activity for the fair friend hard to promote own product advantages, so in the summary again to a form in our country: I don't want to do the price, but to make the price low, although I this friend different industry belongs to the building materials industry, but still can see the strong competitiveness, so concluded that regardless of any industry, under competition, the fight, eventually are themselves to go out. Although silicone products industry market is very hot, sometimes we have to do a lot of reference to judge the similar case, the price is do bad, the market is not worth much, and want to repair the hole, but need to make up for too much, such as a few years ago in the silicone industry circle class knows, silicone rubber band was hot, even some of the silicone products manufacturer price can be 0. 3 - 0. 5 yuan one! Said I know of, rely on the rise of the silicone rubber bands in the two years there are a few companies, can make a net profit of 18 million in three months, as the competitors fight, and now to a few cents a people more than the price, it is conceivable that vulnerability is irreparable. So despite my friend often says to me, the building materials industry has been pushed into a corner, he almost didn't eat rice, I think I have no pity on him, because of China's market competition is so so, it is a kind of ability, a price can extinguish their instincts. So whether any industry if they are unable to start from, come to talk about the market? Boat one successful launch of '2017' day, the aircraft carrier successfully launched, peak BBS 'One Belt And One Road' international cooperation, etc. , the event will influence the development of our country, while developing countries want to do the biggest market still need the product industrialization, large-scale. But the price is too low, by hook or by crook, he killed the industry, killing the development. This is by countless facts prove the truth. When a buyer want to purchase a product, go out to walk, glance at online, you will find the same kind product of excess, a than a low price, whose product prices low, everyone is rushing to purchase, so that a market economy, there is a bad law, namely good money after bad money, slowly in the good things in order to survive, also began to price cuts, and form a vicious circle. Price is a double-edged sword, which can be hurt, also can hurt yourself. So when every industry do have no money to earn that day of, this industry is not far from the do die. Xiamen silicone products industry is no exception, today, our spending power and taste are came up, we again by low costs, reproduction so much waste products is wasting resources, is to challenge the consumer tolerance, is to the future of the industry and their irresponsible! Every industry in China, especially the private economy, really need to restore business reason, don't be so many desperate madness. By're incapable, by cheat fool, can for a long time? I'm lost! Newborn strength does not come from a moth is not afraid of the dead, but from the opposite direction and stick to the orientation of quality and price of obsession.
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