Silicone products including those things

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Silica gel products are divided into many categories, from the state to points, can be roughly divided into liquid silicone products and solid silica gel products. As a silicone products manufacturer, just processing of solid and liquid silicone products at present. From product series points can also be divided into many categories, mainly include silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, silicone accessories, silicone electronic accessories, silicone daily necessities and so on. Silicone factory production of silicone products are mainly concentrated in the few classes, but can also be a more detailed, because the silicone products manufacturer with more than ten years of senior technical engineers, employees have more than five years, more than 3 years of quality supervisor, more iso90001 system of systematic management, so we always do more professional, many structure more complex products will appear in our factory. The value of product is, the purpose of the product can bring consumers the product is used to apply. From the silicone products in general, is a kind of environmental protection, safety, green products, according to the characteristics of the material, is widely used in daily life and industrial fittings, material hardness can be based on what rubber content or add some special material how to adjust. By now I lead you to interpret the silicone products including those processes. I have mentioned to you above, silica gel products are divided into many categories, I mainly to introduce the solid silica gel products color mixing process. Said the color, it is a body of professional work, the factory are configured as a separate position, because the understanding of the sensitivity of the color and color, not from unilateral to understand. Color mixing will produce different color, add more or add less will not want to reach expected effect, only based on color science, according to the law of color, add toner, a certain proportion can we generally want to come to the effect. But don't rule out sometimes color also will not ideal, this time will be more professional Angle to toning, this is one of the most important link, the need to add a small amount of toner, will achieve what kind of effect, this is the color they face and solve the problem. But for some special silicone products, to join the toner is strict, because join toner cannot exceed what percentage of product weight, and to achieve the effect of the products need, such as some food grade silicone products, silicone kitchenware products, such as toner to join too many, impact on the overall products will be bigger, so the product color is a very professional skill.
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