Silicone products and silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
Said some time ago, there was a customer need to do a batch of silicone products, then a lot of our colleagues don't know what's the silicone products, then ask the baidu, just know this is the silicone products, is a kind of material. But is is not the same as the name, as by silicone rubber products factory below small make up for you to solve the mystery. Silicon silicone is English translation, the first syllable 'west' sound, go over there and that in Hong Kong, but we Chinese are known as silica gel, but the silicosis, or with old, said no one by the name of silicosis. Silica gel is transparent, there are other color, just added other opaque reinforcing fillers and pigments. Said before silicone silicone is now. So the combination of Chinese and western elements inside, most of the Hong Kong or is the fujian area's friends like that. Silica gel and silica gel just name is different, but in fact whether the product formula, raw material component, is one kind of product, now most people call it is silica gel. But the silicone and rubber is one, though not so close with silica gel, but also is a kind of rubber and plastic, so we usually within industry is referred to as silicone rubber products. Given all this, silicone products and silicone products are the same kind of material to produce, not just their own way, completely is because of the particularity of the material, is a combination of Chinese and western many elements, rubber and silicon rubber although there are some correlation, but not with silica gel is more close, in general, it is to belong to rubber and plastic category, can also be referred to as the silicon rubber products.
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