Silicone products and MianJiang degumming

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
Silicone products and MianJiang degumming is caused by what reason? The reason why the degumming, silica gel products to see note from the following several aspects. 1. Package plastic parts surface treatment failed to do; 2. Need to find the corresponding such as glue, adhesives; 3. In the process of vulcanization temperature and curing time control right no; 4. Clean to remove oil stains, stains, etc. Degumming MianJiang and silica gel products may cause, is roughly the same. 1. Must have a relationship, and metal processing oil, etc. , on the surface of the advice is wiped, xylene can do sandblasting processing such as necessary; 2. There are no dead rubber case should not matter; 3. Ensure adhesive has met the requirement of the brush can be, but as soon as possible after brush figure to dry vulcanization glue, avoid pollution place time is too long; 4. Silica gel and metal bonding should use adhesive; 5. Relations with glue of liquidity is not particularly big, charred certainly won't be the glue.
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