Silicone product customization and silica gel products what's the difference between the spot

by:Keyuan     2020-09-16
Heard of silicone product? If not it really is a little behind The Times! Small to mobile phone silica gel plug, big to silicon mold and so on, these are the commonly used silica gel products, or you don't know what this is called the silicone products, we can often go directly to online or shopping malls such as buy a silicone ice home do ice, but this design don't like to do? If you can make what you want pattern mood immediately become beautiful? Yes, silica gel products are completely customizable, so the question comes, silicone product customization and silica gel products what's the difference between the spot? Customized silicone products and silicone product spot the difference between 1, personalized: this is the most can reflect the two different places, we all know now, improvement of living standards, the monotony of life has not meet individual needs, the private custom of the industry will greatly improve its use, such as a silicone gift, may put the same items bought on the market can send people, but can't reflect people's concept to send, no novelty, and custom silicone products can think things reflect on it. 2, commercial: different merchant demand different silica gel products, different places also need different shape, shape of silicone products, so the silicone products factory in custom or mostly in dealing with merchants, the merchants would make market research, know what the custom silicone products to meet the needs of different places, people! 3, the inevitable: here is a must custom silicone product, generally seen in industrial, mechanical. Cannot buy silicone products or weak, and must be a custom, can very good filling or meet the needs of machinery. This is the inevitable will have a lot of silica gel products need to customize processing machinery. 4, differentiation: very popular thing now is not popular among many people, but custom silicone products attracted people's attention, a beautifully designed, appropriate modelling of silica gel products to meet different people's hobby is very worth having. 5, the color is beautiful: the spot market, as a general rule, be popular color, the most common for white, red, etc. , but different color can give a person a kind of different senses, the choice of color is to determine the taste of the product of a kind of method.
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