Silicone pat lamp custom manufacturers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
Silica gel on the lamp is recently very fire a silicone products, silicone patted lights can be not only as a desk lamp, atmosphere lamp, small night lamp can do nursing lamp, for children and women friends is very attractive, silicone patted lights can transform a variety of colors of light, only need to clap can become light, is both interesting and useful. The custom silicone pat lamp should find what kind of silica gel on lamp factory? Xiamen silicone pat which is on lamp customization factories? Is a silicone clap lamp production plant more than 20 years, has developed more than 10 products, design is given priority to with cartoon modelling, of course also can customize according to customer requirements for silicone patted lights, also can directly refer to our existing mold products, direct production, not only delivery speed, and the price is cheaper. Silicone clap lamp product characteristics: 1, this product is a night light on a USB charging, charging repeatable use. 2, have 4 color lights ( White, red, green, blue) , touch will be light, like lighting can be adjusted according to individual be fond of people. 3, using high quality silica gel material, Q play soft, lovely modelling, is children very good toy company. 4, battery life: warm white for 5 - For 40 - six hours, seven lights 50 hours, large capacity, with 1200 milliampere lithium battery, the charging time: 5 v / 1 a charger charging time is about 3 hours, fast charging, overcharge protection, charging the red light is lit, charged green indicator 6, charging, the red light for charging, the green light for full. 7, soft light eye, using energy-saving led, cooperate with semi-permeable soft silicone chimney effective protection glasses not dazzling. 8, carry light where to go, to his girlfriend dating romantic atmosphere, give children a night full of fantasy, a childlike innocence lost his memories to a friend, to reassure treasure mother feeding, easy to give parents a night. Xiamen silicone pat silicone pat custom manufacturers to provide ODM, OEM custom, can according to your demand for personalized custom silicone pat lamp.
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