Silicone pad and rubber mat in the application of daily life

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone and rubber MATS, for some occasions we silicone mat and rubber mat in the same application, just using different characteristics, the effect of the silicone products and rubber products in one of the species. Silicone will take you to understand in detail the silicone mat and rubber mat identification method: silicone and rubber differ in that the use of toxic nontoxic, both silica gel combustion is not the fire smoke when burned, its white, take a black smoke when burning rubber, pungent and black, with a strong smell. Silicone mat and rubber mat raw material composition: now now silicone products manufacturer production products use raw materials are scheduled for synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber chloroprene rubber and butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, etc. And the structure of natural rubber is a polymer, rubber extrusion deformation occurs under external force twists and turns, can quick recovery, good chemical stability and mechanical properties. It has good flexibility, can use in some of the high and low temperature resistance, and rubber products for low temperature applications than the use of silicone products, in many ways, now we all choose silicone products to replace the rubber seat. Silicone mat and rubber mat use of daily life: and rubber products basic now often used in our manufacturing, auto parts and manufacturing, in the process of production because the rubber elastic force can't kill, the hardness of products are unstable contraction, after a period of buffer to stable cohesion, so in the production of mould and calculations need to be careful, otherwise it's easy to have a bad situation, and rubber and silicone contrast, often do not have the performance of silicone rubber products comprehensive, silica gel used in the family, used in the food and beverage, is meeting the needs of a lot of friends, and rubber for a lot of friends, is a toxic substances, is rarely used in life, so now the rubber products used in some basic industrial manufacturing, due to the relative than silicone rubber price is a little bit higher, but in the use of the same performance, still choose rubber material.
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