Silicone mosquito repellent bracelet custom production process

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
Everyone experienced be bitten by a mosquito, especially children, drive midge way from the early plant development gradually to subsequent MieWenPian and mosquito-repellent incense now essential oil drive midge is becoming more and more simple and convenient, but now with the drive midge technology mature, a lot of people not to be mosquito bites are to children with silicone mosquito repellent bracelets, the way for this kind of drive midge many friends said doubt, this play! Really so amazing, how is it made of? Mosquito repellent bracelet main composition for the silicone bracelet with oil, its main production process is divided into several, the first is made essential oil directly package into the use of silica gel hand ring to a certain degree can be in replacing oil package after, but also has a lot of silicone bracelets processing plant essential oil directly to add silica gel products, the last is directly adding essential oils to mixed together curing processing of raw materials. Most in directly add essential oils, such as raw materials, by the steps to complete: silicone raw materials rate allocation, color glue, curing agent, after mixing in 30 minutes into the rubber mixing machine mixing evenly, mixing complete proportion deployment in essential oils, according to below 3% deployment into the mixing, mixing in rubber cutting and after the completion of production. Because the essential oil to water or paste need to pay attention to in the process of adding leakage problem. Silicone mosquito repellent bracelet machining process is the same as ordinary silica gel products, products of raw materials in the process of mixing in refined oil mixing, but the proportion of the need to pay attention to in the process of mixed oil, if too much proportion compound materials may lead to conflict, the product surface take oil and unable to cure problems, so to be mixed evenly when mixing proportion are, according to the other process with ordinary silica gel hand ring can be the same. Many different kinds of essential oils, made different bracelets drive midge effect is different, and many essential oil smell, need to pay attention to control material proportion!
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