Silicone mobile phone stand advantages and disadvantages

by:Keyuan     2020-08-26
All kinds of silicone mobile phone stents, vehicle mounts, Lord of the rings, the back support customization, poetry as the quality of life to you! The advantages of silicone mobile phone bracket ( 1) Pure environmental protection silicone silicone mobile phone support, used as raw material, environmental protection, tasteless non-toxic, conforms to the Japan food and European LFGB standard, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, high and low temperature - resistance 40 ~ 230 degrees, ageing resistance, durable. ( 2) Modelling of silicone mobile phone support, fashion and lovely, a variety of optional, soft surface, easy to clean, folding. ( 3) Silicone mobile phone bracket, ring stent back stick, mobile phone chuck, can rotate fold, durable, compact, thin and smooth, feel is comfortable, strong adsorption, stable stick out, refused to scratch, cell phone does not hurt, also have non-slip, scratch-resistant flowers, a variety of action such as dust. ( 4) Silicone mobile holder can be customized logo, all sorts of design, color, style, innovative design fashion, creative. ( 5) Silicone mobile phones stent can be vertical fixed inside the car mat, easy to read a map, both mat and adornment, hands free, carefree look at mobile phone. ( 6) Silicone mobile phone support small fine, strong adsorption capacity, can also when the car outlet stents, adapt the speed bumps, bumpy road, brakes and other situations, volume is small, not to block the outlet, general all mobile phone models. Convenient and easy to operate, the mobile phone bracket glue into the car outlet can be used. Multi-purpose can also on-board with life. Get off and remove the can also provide daily watching TV when the phone stent. Disadvantages: silicone phone stents prices higher than other mobile scaffold material.
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