Silicone materials zero inventory, silicone products manufacturer how to meet the market demand

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
In recent days receive many silicone products in the same industry, we use solid silicone raw materials, 50 degrees - 70 degrees of silicone raw materials in raw materials manufacturers serious phenomenon of shortage of the rubber member association members Liu Cheng diameter in our country recently said: in the last quarter market natural rubber usher in a new round of market concentration in the spring, rising raw material factors lead to rubber tapping season ahead, causing supply for rubber, recent time inventory stock up appear shortage phenomenon! So only rubber can not meet the needs of the market phenomenon, second in national regions can see abnormal weather gradually began to usher in high temperature season, does rubber glue delay, rain and high temperature weather, has not the original tapping efficiency, plus the lack of labor force, will make our country many areas appear product raw material without any growth this year! According to relevant personnel analysis revealed that this phenomenon will appear to affect the silica gel products industry two questions, 1: rubber will appear shortage phenomenon during the quarter! Raw material suppliers to provide raw materials. Second: the raw material is expected to suffer a phenomenon of prices again! Raw material rising phenomenon has shown that difficult to buy rubber and silicone rubber products with each big provinces in our country, rising raw materials has become an inevitable phenomenon. But from the point of view of sales of silicone rubber products consumption significantly greater than expected, the major supplier of basic products fully digested by the market, spot market also supply of not phenomenon, it also suggests that attract a new height of the sales silicone rubber industry, silicone rubber industry in China is gradually recovered! Growth in demand will get higher! For the silicone raw materials zero inventory, how the silicone products manufacturer in the case of a shortage of rubber ensure that customers do not rush rush to the phenomenon of the goods? It'll have to see manufacturers would be able to control the amount of raw materials and waste. For solid silicone rubber industry in the silicone products without bad try to save the glue material can be the greatest degree of cost control of the company, so our company recently held an emergency meeting rubber was approaching shortage phenomenon, for the product of more than expected, the edge material, feed, and so on control to a minimum as far as possible, such as a rubber beyond control lead to product scrap and the raw material is used up, to mend a material difference how many products will be how much raw material! To promote the vigilance of the employees. Cost control of the company, on the other hand, control the glue material use, still can get in the absence of raw material, use! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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