Silicone market continued to rise, again remind downstream silicone manufacturer stock tuen material!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
In the face of 2017 - Organic silicon raw material prices soaring, 2018 silicon downstream products enterprise a whine. Raw material price is too high, over a period of time to break the market equilibrium, the impact to the industry, many organic silicon downstream enterprise to bring huge pressure. In 2018, the silicone raw materials prices remain high, especially in the middle of June, reached the highest peak in recent years. Is the years of 2019 is a negative profit increase? Since the silicone market rebound tension began after 18 years, downstream starts in succession, the silicone market continues to rise in price, after a lot of silicone manufacturer stock up actively, monomer business inventories is not high. Cause the market price fluctuations, in the face of market changes and the impact of domestic policies, we see the industry innovation and optimization of the industrial chain of upheaval, it is a good start, also is a bad one million head. Product details DMC: DMC prices continue to rise. Stock up enthusiasm, downstream market inquiry. 107, 107: adhesive glue quote local rise. One side supported by cost increases, moreover needs improving. Separate raw rubber, raw rubber prices rise. Ready for the downstream starts to ascend, enhanced strength. Mixing rubber: mixing rubber prices temporarily stabilized. Enterprises more than normal construction, the downstream enquiries are increasing. Silicone oil, silicone oil price stability. Affected by rising raw material, is foreign trade silicone oil rise in price. Silicon metal, silicon metal price stability. Years later the grocers and terminal purchasing both sides maintain wait-and-see state, it is not easily bid or purchase. Methanol, methanol prices are going. The downstream enterprises gradually return to the market, production will start in succession, mainly just need to take the goods. Device is in shandong district: shandong dongyue normal operation; Luxi normal work. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian parking overhaul; Xinan normal construction. Other areas: hubei xingfa device restart; Mr Ken normal construction. Organic silicone supplier market forecast with the downstream market demand better, many kinds of silicone products price or is expected to last. Data sources: national alliance for a green development strategy (silicon industry 执行咨询组) Note: the above prices are for reference only, do not make transaction basis, specific business firm quotation shall prevail.
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