Silicone manufacturers how to design a popular silicone creative jewelry

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The silicone products is silicone raw materials processed products. Silica gel is non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, green product is a highly active. It does not rely on is shortage of oil resources, there are many excellent features, application scope is very broad, now big to aviation, military, medical, small to kitchen utensils and appliances, daily necessities, silicone strap, etc, and can be embedded in the body, such as artificial limbs, using breast implants, etc. , has no side effects. Since the benefits of silica gel has been accepted by the public as to give some design inspiration and creativity, made many fine gift is small adorn article, enrich people's life, already beautiful environment, so the future will become the main commodity market in the future. Silica gel products factory production of silicone products, moment not only pay attention to product quality, for the vast number of consumers to design, create, processing customized various creative silica gel products. So how to design a creative silicone products? A: structure: structure is external and internal parts of a silica gel products by various means of organic combination, here are produced by different process with various tectonic unit of one or more objects. It reflects the process characteristics of the silicone products, at the same time also reflects the use function and performance of silica gel products. For each kind of structure, practical and adornment sex two design methods can be used. The performance of the practical structure refers to the practical application of mobile phone holster structure; Decorative structures are only for the need of design itself, not practical. 2: appearance: people think that the appearance of the geometry is attractive, mainly depends on the front of the geometry shape, but for the designer, the top and bottom side, has a very important role, the shape of the face itself is influence each other, need stylist to serious combination, can design the silica gel products become beautiful, generous. Three: adornment: ideas often has the effect that make the finishing point in the design of decoration, is one of the extremely important content in the design of silicone products. Decorated with practical accessories and decorative accessories, practical accessories is a practical function and performance, its modelling appearance can make people imagine parts, more and more designers in practical accessories, silk screen or laser engraved logos, instead of a simple hardware, put the logo into the practical parts, create the unity of the new atmosphere, new effect, to reflect a kind of brand awareness. Four: the material: the raw material is said here that silicone products of material quality, texture and the variety of comprehensive, is also one of silica gel products factory design factors to consider. Design better if using unqualified silicone raw materials will directly affect the process effect and component technology processing method and durability. Silica gel products factory main silicone cake mold, ice chocolate mold, insulation pads, gloves, bowl, silicone, silicone cell phone speakers, silicone stent, silicone bracelet, oximetry silicone series, B ultrasonic keys, breathing machine silicone, silicone strap silicone products, such as accept all kinds of silicone products, if you want to find a good silicone products manufacturer to design and manufacture of your products, please contact the silicone factory, we have a group of engineering research and development team and efficient production department agreement, with all my heart for you!
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