Silicone manufacturer for silicone release agent how to use correctly?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
In the process of silica gel products production and processing, sticky mold of the silicone products mainly affects the production efficiency and quality, so they would use the release agent, in order to solve the sticky mold silicone products. Mainly in terms of technical level is to improve the mould and silicone products manufacturer of the machine is used to allocate, try to improve the effect of mold release, in theory, it is with the aid of the role of raw materials, silicone rubber can be produce different demoulding effect, because of different raw material silicone manufacturers have different ways of mix, make product performance parameters are different, so use chemical composition can release agent is to get better effects, so to release agent how to correctly use? Outside the normal demoulding agent: in the process of silica gel product customization in the mold after the mold in the form of a liquid spray into the mould surface, make the mold surface is smooth, product processing natural will take to good effect, it is primarily a weakening with each other in two can interface layer on the surface of the object, make the product and mold has a certain isolation layer, which is easy to be out! Main processing method was conducted in outside, had no effect on products production and processing! Demoulding: stripping inside and outside the release agent function is the same, different is that it is added in the mixing rubber one kind of fertilizer, silicone rubber products in the silicone raw materials mixing add among materials, lower the release agent in the infiltration of internal cover product of cavity adhesion, and this kind of operation mode may be in the process of product the influence of unnecessary, because the internal mold release and belongs to the silicone oil with high viscosity in heat environment for a long time may appear white phenomenon, product easy to falling oil and smell etc. Phenomenon, but basically is to see how you can control, because it is carried out in accordance with the percentage rate to add, generally no more than 3%, so the reasonable add to production efficiency effectively, add unreasonable can cause negative effect! Foshan silicone silicone manufacturers in the past 15 years, has a wealth of silica gel production experience, quality assurance, basic no moulding line. Product category have food grade silica gel, medical grade silicone, silicone kitchenware, silicone electronics, silica gel products, welcome to call the hotline to order.
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