Silicone kitchenware and ceramic and plastic than it has three obvious advantages

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Kitchen supplies continuously in the market in recent years as a housewife and a bag in the hotel, but as the market matures silica gel gives the impression of more and more good, colorful exquisite silicone kitchenware rapidly in recent years, although know it belongs to a kind of glue, love is the home and restaurant. Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is avirulent environmental protection green silicone products, and compared with ceramic and plastic it has three obvious advantages! A, high and low temperature resistance has not been able to do this is plastic material and ceramics, generally we common plastic material in the middle of the kitchen utensils are made by the very thin material ( Plastic is too thick toxic substances that may lead to shoot out, so not high temperature resistant) , ceramic bowl with the high-temperature heat transfer speed but far beyond the silicone material, in the same temperature of hot soup, ceramics and silicone bowl in hand, take ceramic bowl that is hot faster! Two, known as the material of soft silicone rubber products can show the material of jujitsu, in the kitchen with soft material can and other materials and there are a lot of difference, the most common in the aspect of cleaning can be concluded that soft silicone can in turn internal cleaning, and not as stainless steel, ceramics and so on the inside of the wash not to drop the besmirch, second drop function, in addition to the stainless steel and silica gel outside should no more cup or bowl is hockey, and silica gel was able to do most is probably a bowl dish threw, however bowl no discount! 3, colorful color silicone colorful color is also the most outstanding point, when the silica gel products factory production can add thousands of color glue to make the color of kitchen utensils to make at the same time as do keep avirulent environmental protection, green, health, and other materials is made, and with such excellent talents.
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