silicone injections may harm some patients

by:Keyuan     2020-07-11
There is a price for vanity, they say.
This is not true for some women and men who use liquids, inject silicone to enhance the beauty of unhappiness, and after a few years they will only experience health problems or deformity.
In New York, dermatologist Amy Newberg treated some older women 20 or 30 years ago who injected a small amount of silicone under their skin to eliminate facial wrinkles.
For most patients, there is no problem with silicone.
But for some, silicone has hardened over time and become more obvious.
Newberger described an injection to a patient in his 40 s.
When the patient was in her 60 s, her skin began to lose weight, a normal aging process.
\"But the silicone is not thin, so the patient left a ridge where she had wrinkles,\" Newberger said.
\"The permanent bump of the silicone has become discolored and now the patient looks like a\" Klingon \",\" Newberger said \".
\"Once the silicone is hardened, it can also migrate to other parts of the body.
Newberger had some patients who had lumps and bumps on their cheeks and other parts of the face as the silicone moved away from the initial part of the injection.
Problems like this are unpredictable, says Newberger.
Many patients have been fine for many years;
No one knows why some patients end up having problems.
Regulation and dispute silicone is a synthetic rubber-like substance that is not metabolized by the body.
Silicone gel implants are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for breast reconstruction or breast augmentation.
Medical grade silicone is also approved for the treatment of complex retinal detachment.
It actually keeps the retina in place until it reattaches to the inner surface of the eye.
FDA spokesman Siobhan DeLancey said the silicone is not intended to remain in the eyes permanently.
In most cases, she said, it should be taken out within one year of surgery.
The FDA does not approve silicone injections for cosmetic treatment, but doctors can still provide treatment.
DeLancey said that silicone is considered a medical device by the agency and that because it is approved for the treatment of retinal detachment, it may be used by healthcare professionals for other purposes.
Dermatologist David Orentreich practice in New York City.
He said that when silicone is used in very small quantities, called microdroplets, the substance is not dangerous and is very effective in removing wrinkles.
Doctors must be skilled in injecting silicone and must be pure, Orentreich said.
He said there may be problems when the silicone is not pure or the injection is not.
But the process is controversial, and dermatologists like Newberger believe that silicone is potentially dangerous and should not be used at all as an-
Wrinkle treatment.
Some doctors in an underground company said they had heard from patients in so-
Call the party
They say injections are usually carried out by people who claim to be beauticians, or they are themselves
Managed by individuals attending the party.
According to these doctors and some media reports, this practice is most common among young transgender people, who were born male but have a deep feeling for women and are receiving gender-changing medical treatment. Dr.
Marvin Belzer is the head of the transgender center in the adolescent medicine department of the Los Angeles Children\'s Hospital.
He saw dozens of teenagers \"transitioning\" to the opposite sex.
If the individual is under the age of 18, there is a year of consultation and discussion with the parent, after which the patient can start the hormone regimen to reduce or increase certain male or female hormones.
This hormone treatment can take years, says Belzer, and many patients just don\'t want to wait that long.
He said that they are young and impatient, and silicone provides immediate results, especially for those who want to live as women, it can plump up the hips, thighs and breasts and make womenDr.
Emergency room doctor Nick Gordon in Lyon for transgender people
Martin Health Services clinic in San Francisco says he often tries to tell his patients that hormone therapy is a long-termterm process.
He told them, \"we tried to give you the body of your life and make you feel right for you and normal for you, so we won the game slowly and steadily.
However, many patients do not listen.
Gorton said that when people inject silicone at pumping parties, it causes health problems, \"there is no way to verify whether they are using medical devices. grade silicone.
\"You can go to the hardware store and buy a big bucket,\" he said . \".
\"The element is the same, but its safety, purity or quality is not the same.
Belzer says Silica gel is often mixed with other chemicals.
\"Who knows what they really put there as a filler,\" he said . \".
\"As long as it\'s partially thick, not really water, it fills the skin and makes it the shape they want.
Belzer says he sometimes sees patients in hospital with severe infections or burns, and some of the patient\'s skin falls off due to a mixture of silicone and some unknown toxic substances.
\"It\'s really painful,\" he said . \"
In the worst case, a piece of silicone breaks and enters the blood or lungs, leading to a fatal embolism.
There\'s a lot of silicone-
Related deaths, including 43. year-
The old woman died of silicone embolism in her lungs during a past March.
A study by the University of Texas San Antonio Health Sciences Center reported at 2006 annual meeting of the North American radiologists that dozens of patients who received liquid silicone injections died from pulmonary embolism.
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