Silicone ice use coup

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Who says the silicone ice use less, only add water ice? As long as a little play, this almost every household has some kitchen props can become more creative and appeal to life. Many people have the ice in the home, but less people know, the ice how to use it. In addition to adding water frozen cake, like the ice really useful in our daily life is not much. So, a lot of people the ice gradually neglected by people. Or buy the refrigerator, put ice directly to throw away. In fact, as long as the imagination, the value of the ice there are a lot of food. First, add fruit or in the water is made of spices can let like mint ice tastes more rich, color is more beautiful, and the method is very simple, pomegranate, for example, to take a small amount of pomegranate seeds in drinking water, with a clean knife slit or squeezed, the pomegranate seeds out juice, mixed with water, then pour the mixture into the ice, into a few good pomegranate seeds per last division can be frozen in the refrigerator. If you like to drink ice coffee, then the tips do not miss, as long as the cooling of the black coffee in silica gel in the ice, and then in the refrigerator frozen. Like to drink ice coffee when put ice in a cup, then pour in milk, almond milk or coconut milk, can immediately cold to drink ice coffee. This method will save the endless drink black coffee, even if the ice melts gradually, also won't let you drink become thin and pale. Can be directly when eat dessert, this in fact is equal to everyone love to eat fruit ice popsicles, just with different mould. While looking at very beautiful also layered, feel a little difficult, but it is false, however, recommend the use of coconut milk, fruit juice and fruit and vegetable smoothies to match, every layer, in addition to pour back into the refrigerator frozen to the condensation, slightly down a layer again, that would be neat layered effect. To the cooling of the pumpkin coffee in frozen in the ice, cold after the taste is very special. It can also be other didn't drink coffee. This chocolate made with the ice can, and the taste is great. First bought the chopped dark chocolate, heat water to melt. Peanut butter, honey and then mixed with a small amount of water into the condition of thick, then first in 1/3 in the silica gel ice chocolate sauce, a little bit more, a little peanut butter mixture pattern, and finally filled chocolate, coated peanut butter, can seal plastic wrap on the refrigerator frozen.
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