Silicone ice have a taste

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone ice to buy back, a lot of people smell strange, how is the taste for these? So the silicone ice have a taste? 1, silicone raw materials is no taste, no matter what color is the finished product, silicone ice are not large, even with a little taste, nor what is pungent taste, so can be determined, the ice there is no direct relationship between the odor and silicone material, has nothing to do with the color of the product also. 2, after the ice forming, silicone ice generally can't direct sales, and other process need to processing. Such as: screen printing, spray hot oil, laser carving, glue, water stickers, etc. After completion of the process, may have different tastes. By some respectable, peculiar smell, may appear after the forming of all kinds of production process. 3, silica gel is the most prone to pungent taste the process of the ice, screen printing and spray hot oil. Used by screen printing ink and feel the quality of the oil, will directly cause the silicone ice's peculiar smell. Silicone ice have a taste? Methods a, silica gel products production technology, eliminate the peculiar smell of the silica gel itself. To join in the vulcanization silicone compound sulfide in addition to taste, and secondary sulfide, can effectively eliminate the organic peroxide vulcanizing vulcanizing silicone rubber products strong excitant peculiar smell, so as to reflect the environmental protection. Method 2, put a period of time, in a cool, outdoor to smell volatile nature; And can be soaked in water for a try, marinated in the water for a period of time, soak a few times more odor will be much smaller, obvious effects basically tasteless.
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