silicone grades for medical technology applications.

by:Keyuan     2020-07-01
Innovative silicone products are available in the fields of electronics, optoelectronic and medical technology.
These products include 915 HT, a hot
Anti-gel for packaging power electronic modules;
Lumisil 868 S, an LED chip encapsulation agent used to prevent the deposition of luminous dyes;
The Lumisil 885 is a silicon fiber that produces optical lenses.
Other Product highlights include silpuran 2410 silicone rubber for orthopedic applications and Silpuran6610/40 liquid silicone rubber for radiation-
Sterilized valves used in medical technology.
Silpuran 6610/40 is a liquid silicone rubber used for radiation-
Sterilized valve.
This silicone can be used to inject the mold bio-compatible slit valve, and its opening will not be closed during continuous sterilization.
Compared with the traditional silicone rubber compound, the valve production of Silpuran 6610/40 does not require the traditional auxiliary equipment to prevent the slit from closing.
Therefore, the risk of pollution is small, which simplifies the production of valves.
Silpuran 6610/40 is convenient, fast, clean and cost-
Effective production.
Lumisil 885 is a supplement
Medium viscosity cured silicone rubber, which can be cured to produce a very transparent high
Durometerelastmer with high luminous efficiency in optical applications. The two-
It is said that component products are ideal for transfer molding, but can also be compressed molding.
It is said that this versatility makes it easier to produce LED lenses and other optical elements --effective.
Semicosil 915 HT is a silicone gel used as an electronic encapsulation agent, characterized by excellent heat resistance after curing. (
Wacker Chemical Company)www. wacker.
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