Silicone gift stores do pay attention to what activities the promotion

by:Keyuan     2020-09-12
Many city mall now needs to be done every week activities, the small silicone gifts do activities is better, the most important thing is to highlight the growing popularity of shopping mall, but the market will also have to consider the economy! That is some kind of small silicone gifts is also economical? So, mall when doing activity promotion should pay attention to what aspects? Silica gel is the purpose of the gift promotion adds to the attraction of products to target consumers, and the temptation from the silica gel gifts promotional activities. In this respect, we should focus on the following four. 1, advertising materials design principle in the name of festival handsel, new listing to dispel the negative effect of disguised depreciate sales promotion. Advertising propaganda style should be consistent with targeted psychological characteristics. 2, to promote meaningful: product atmosphere, LOGO advertising obviously level 3, in the face of consumer promotion policy, shoulds not be too high, and to provide a wide range of choices. And expenses to control. According to the sales forecast is equipped with the corresponding material: advertising propaganda materials, silica gel gifts, and according to the size of the selected supermarket and promotional period length, sales forecast, prepare the corresponding sales promotion personnel budget. 4, the principle of limit set limit to cooperation with the supermarket to buy a gift, no sales, it is important to note that in the sales agreement clear time limit, or silicone gift shortages appear in the promotion period, will face the risk of a fine, clear. 5, choose suitable silicone gift silicone gift promotion to the temptation to consumers the most direct from promotional silicone gift. If promotional silicone gift choice, for the whole promotion effect is obvious. So the choice of silicone gift must be doubly cautious. At the same time, the design of advertising materials also should be and promotion, silica gel gifts.
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