Silicone gift mugs

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone gift cup is also called the silica glass, portable silicone folding cups, fold and fold the silica gel glass cup, convenient travel type silicone folding cups, outdoor sports telescopic gargle. Product features: (silicone gift cup 1) Using 100% pure food grade silica gel making, non-toxic harmless, no peculiar smell, environmental health, save a space, can be used as drinking cups, also can do gargle, bring us new youth vitality, is your travel and outdoor camping drink good helper. ( 2) Small shape, large capacity, at any time change, fold out can be put in the bag, easy to carry, small occupied space, easy to receive, appearance of the atmosphere. ( 3) Contaminated with lid, can avoid cup, easy to clean, clean sanitation, breaking is not broken, flexible, good hot. ( 4) Inversion, and tilt, will not leak, the sealing effect is good. For a variety of scenarios: tea restaurant, office, sports, outdoor outdoor travel.
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