Silicone gift doll

by:Keyuan     2020-08-31
Silicone gift figurines have spider-man silicone dolls, little bear silicone gift figurines, cartoon silicone gift dolls, 3 d silicone doll, produced by using environmental protection silicone material, non-toxic, no smell, high flexibility, recoverability is strong, not easy to deformation, good elasticity, feel is exquisite, feel gentle, waterproof hardy, durable, water does not rub off. Silicone doll gift can do car furnishing articles, collection supplies, birthday gifts, children's toys. Name: silicone doll cartoon doll gift silicone doll production process: 2 d and 3 d plastic bump gum drops, screen printing, pad printing, digital printing. Style: cartoon modelling, the model of three-dimensional dolls, LED lights, brand modelling, simulation model, etc. Personalization: but for customized according to the requirements of shape size color packing and so on. Silicone gift doll purpose: advertising promotional small craft gift gift, taobao business activities, small gifts, wechat business activities to push and yards small gifts, novelty gifts, creative personality will pin propaganda insurance company small gifts, fashion accessories, business gifts, gifts, group buying gifts, travel memorial ceremony gifts, opening gifts, fashion gifts, office gifts, public welfare propaganda.
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