Silicone gift

by:Keyuan     2020-08-30
Silicone gift customization is very popular with people, because the silicone gift using silicone raw materials, non-toxic, no smell, stable chemical properties, not burning, easy to clean, can make any shape of gifts. The silica gel creative gift patted lights, for example, is a creative basketball, grows a fun little tiger, colorful panda gawk cattle, warm heart, happy dolphins jumping rabbit, cartoon cartoon animal shape, etc. Silicone gift pen bag, there is a mango, corn, bananas, pea, pineapple, green Chinese onion, pepper, cucumber, balsam pear fruit shape, etc. Silicone gift has silicone mobile phone sets, silicone mobile phone support, silica gel, zero wallet, silicone keychain, silicone luggage tag, silica gel, silica gel soap box, pencil case silicone bottle stoppers, silica gel glass, silica gel hand ring, etc. , can choose any one as silica gel creative gift custom silicone products.
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