Silicone fresh cover can not replace the ordinary plastic bag?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Kitchen supplies is a auxiliary tool in our family life, be short of one cannot, as the global standard of living improve fast today, our life also gradually began to diversification, to enhance the level of our daily life, food-grade silicone material enters into our life, so that the rest of the food also can choose to save the silicone fresh cover, and the food grade silicone materials are able to do this, is because of its unique material. We can't avoid dining every day in the life the rest of the meal, some food out but feel pity, if they don't pour out again the next day after can't eat, especially in hot summer weather, put the food in the refrigerator may also because of the weather environment problems for the rest of the food in a nasty, so keeping fresh is important, while the silicone fresh cover has become a necessity in our daily life. Speaking of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, it can be widely used in life have to say is its unique performance, the use of fresh cover can do certain seal protection, and also has good adaptability to environment adaptability, high and low temperature resistance is not a problem, to prevent freezing or the use of microwave oven doesn't affect its function and safety, and it is not disposable supplies and disposable bags, phase ratio, buy a silicone shell is equivalent to buy the insurance permanent one-time preservation bags, so you should know which one to buy. In addition to performance, elasticity and flexibility of silica gel bags, also has several advantages, such as its cover can be bigger than itself of dishes, tableware can be applied to a variety of protection in our daily life, with good contractility, silicone fresh cover after the covered food tray will not be opened easily, even if you put it side can't easily overflow or upside down, so it can be in the process of normal use to ensure the safety of your food and its own safety. For processing technology, food-grade silicone cover is usually silicone tableware manufacturers choose environmental protection safety of silicone rubber material after high temperature molding mold production, the high temperature - in 180 200, has reached the temperature of the high-temperature poison elimination, and for raw materials, food grade silica gel is usually higher silicon molecular density than normal material, toughness, not easily torn deformation, no smell, and there will be no yellowing phenomenon, its various aspects performance has to be able to be reflected on the material. As life utensils for daily use, it is a kind of items contact us life more tedious, so also is a food and life ceremony feeling of power, it is also our life mess escort, as if by a kitchen utensils are not used or imperfect, that not only affect our food more affected our mood.
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