Silicone cushion of three application in daily life and work

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel cushion, this kind of material is not only resistant to compression, high temperature resistant, resistant to wear and tear, and non-toxic, odorless, no harm to human body. Silicone cushion what are the specific application in life and work. First, the application in automobile industry and the common progress of science and technology, makes the car to start production mechanization. In car factories, there are a many machine between several lines. These machines in use process will inevitably by the friction and wear and tear, so often used silica gel cushion in the joint of the machine, have the effect of antiskid, shockproof, can protect the machine to a great extent, reduce the loss. Second, applied to cargo logistics platform for logistics in the process of loading and unloading cargo would emphasize sharply the integrity of cargo, the goods it is important to contact with the ground, some can lead to greater damage of goods. And one of the most popular on the market at present the silicone cushion has good elasticity, texture closely, the characteristics of high temperature resistance and impact resistance is strong, with on logistics loading and unloading platform can protect the goods. Third, applied to the hot press process to make floor, wooden door and furniture more durable, you need to use hot press. And in the process also need silica gel cushion. Silica gel cushion in the template and hot platen, work evenly transfer heat platen temperature and pressure. And using silica gel cushion can also make the paper cover and base board more fine and close bonding, ultimately achieve even and smooth effect. Silica gel cushion also can protect the templates, make up for the error to ensure the normal work of the hot press platen. The application of silicone cushion can have so much and its excellent properties. Do not pollution in the process of daily use, the surface of the silica gel cushion, so as not to shorten its service life, affect the use effect. Of course with the development of science and technology, quality and service quality of the silicone cushion will have wider application fields.
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