Silicone coating process, do you understand?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Now silicone products variety of every kind of concave and convex have send, the product can be production, and the defect above don't have too many loopholes, for now the rubber industry production process is also the basic sound, don't just before a customer for the product above request, need to add up the cloth surface glue technology, the technology for a not very in the basic is rarely know how to make friends, also can often see some questions about the coating technology on the Internet, so today the silicone products of small make up take you know about the surface coating technology. For silicone products in coating manufacture craft above I think few people know, nowadays there are many different kinds of organic silicon production technology, the most common or molded silicone, injection silicone, and coated with silicone seldom let we have to know some friends, and for this kind of technology has already come into common use in many industries, only for the silicone products manufacturer processing technology is a little less popular, is common in the plastic hardware industry, mainly applied to fabrics in the middle of the silica gel products industry technology of surface treatment, the fabric material above the surface of the silica gel targeted processing such as: color, line, dot, hook slot, coating and so on. Generally USES the copy is the glass fiber waterproof cloth for surface treatment: the high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, toughness has certain requirements, so we common fiber gloves, gasket and some sneakers have silica gel. Due to the material performance is high, the service life of the silicone rubber fiberglass fire prevention cloth up to more than ten years, the main performance can be high and low temperature - resistant About 70 to 250 degrees, ozone, bright light, damp without any influence. Silica gel fiber cloth to do single coated and double coated is what we call the fire prevention cloth, now on the market the most common use of shoes materials and appliances! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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