Silicone cell phone sets manufacturers the latest Revelations iphone7 mobile phone shell

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Every time a new phones before, online will broke all kinds of information, it's not, iphone7 disclosure information has been all over the sky flying, in the disclosure information, always does not lack the iphone case! Silicone cell phone sets manufacturers and mobile phone accessories manufacturers now released some reputed iPhone7 protection shell and screen film, says these are based on a true iPhone7 design parameters. They iPhone6s as a 'model' is used to show the protection shell, means that the size and shape of the fuselage iPhone7 is made there is no much difference. It is worth mentioning the vendor launched iPhone7 screen sticker, you can see above, there are two created openings for sensor, and iPhone6s only one, does this mean that iPhone7 in sensor will be different? Actually otherwise, the Internet also has a user reflect their own iPhone6s positive hole has two sensors ( The figure below) , while others have only one, but the fact is positive, there are two sensor hole iPhone6s is a manufacturing defect, can contact apple's customer service replacement cell phone, so here iPhone7 whether positive unlike iPhone6s remains to be verified. With the approaching of the iPhone7 release, believe that the fact will more and more, but the fact is proved, so it's best to have a reservation believe and choose iphone shell. Related to mobile phone sets of FAQ please visit: silica gel set of yellow
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