Silicone buttons of scraper painting process

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
During the production of silicone rubber on the buttons, sometimes to the customer's demand on the silicone button surface marker characters and patterns, although the screen printing, laser carving, glue, etc are also can be achieved, but for the design of characters and wear-resisting performance is the best, this time we'll choose scraper painting process. Although scraper painting function can greatly improve the silicone buttons character and pattern of wear resistance, but the difficulty of high operation, has made a lot of silica gel products factory hope and stopped, the silica gel products factory should be how to make the character above silicone buttons and pattern scraper painting process? one Character and pattern of groove production needs in the mold making silicone buttons first characters and patterns, the silicone button after molding surface character, design the two grooves. Ink uniform application of ink drops in silicone buttons into the groove of the surface character, design note: ordinary paint cannot adsorption on the silica gel key-press, using silica gel ink. 3. Ink cleaning will overflow character, design, unexpected extra ink removed four grooves. Ink curing silicone buttons baking in the oven to the inside of the groove ink cured although scraper painting process can make the silicone buttons character and pattern of wear-resisting performance is the best, but because of its operation methods, cost price low, is not nearly as screen printing, laser carving, drops of gum, so characters on the surface of the silica gel products factory in the silicone button and the design process, according to the requirements of customers to choose the appropriate technology, this can make the factory efficiency, help to orderly development of the company.
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