Silicone baking utensils to use

by:Keyuan     2020-09-16
Silicone baking utensils to use pay attention to the following 1, after each use, with hot water ( Diluted detergent) Do not use on or in the dishwasher cleaning, cleaning with abrasive cleaner or foam. Ensure that before each use of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and are completely dry before storage. 2, roast the silicone cake mould should be open to the baking tray. Must not let the mould dry roasted, such as a six even die, you only filled with three modules, the other three modules must be installed in the water. Otherwise other empty silicone cake mould will be bad, life is reduced. To make for improving finished product achieve good baking effect, can be in the silicone cake mould first before baking culture surface lightly spray a little anti-sticking bread crumbs. 3, when baking bake complete, removing the pan from the oven, and will be placed in the bakery products cold rack until completely cooled. 4, only can be used for the oven, oven and microwave oven, never can be directly used in the gas or fire, or directly above or below the barbecue apparatus used in heating set.
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