Silicone baking tools right maintenance method

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances or silicone baking tools if long-term use of neglect, the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances will easily metamorphic effect use, how to maintain the silicone baking tools to extend the service life? Silicone kitchen utensils before each use and after each use, with hot water ( Diluted detergent) Or in the dishwasher cleaning, pay attention to avoid to use cleaner or foam containing corrosion, to ensure that the silicone baking tools before each use and are completely dry before storage. When baking finish, please remove the pan from the oven, and will be placed in the bakery products cold rack until completely cooled. Silicone products of silicone baking tools must be careful not to use the knife or other sharp instruments in the silicone cup, silicone cake mould, it is easy to damage the silica gel products. The silicone cake mold because of the static, it is easy to absorb dust, when not for long, need to put in the carton, placed in a cool place. Silicone baking tools in when just came out of the oven must not immediately rinse with cold water, so high and low temperature conversion, can make the silicone products become fragile, life will be shorter.
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