Silicon rubber sealing ring - technical requirements Silicon rubber sealing ring which tests needs to be done

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silicon rubber sealing ring what are the technical requirements, which tests need to do silicone rubber sealing ring, many of these are not very clear, silicon rubber sealing ring related foshan rubber products factory to tell you about these problems. Silicon rubber sealing ring what are the technical requirements for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber is a kind of high molecular weight ( Average molecular weight of 40 ~ 800000) Of organic siloxane ( The raw rubber) , using the organic peroxide as curing agent, adding reinforcing filler and other additives. Pressure molding ( Moulding, extrusion, calendering) Or injection molding, and in the high temperature chain into rubber. This generally called silicone rubber. High temperature vulcanization silicone rubber vulcanization generally divided into two stages. The first stage is silicone rubber, reinforcing agent, additives, curing agent and mixed structure control agent, and then in the metal mould heating vulcanization under pressure. About 50 kg/cm2 pressure, the temperature is 120130 ℃, time of 10 min. Taken out from the second stage is the silicone rubber mold and put into the oven, bake at 200 ℃ for a few hours to 24 hours. Further vulcanization of rubber and the decomposition of organic peroxides and volatile. Silicone rubber filler is a kind of silicone rubber, it can improve the strength of the vulcanizates ten times. To join all kinds of additives is mainly in order to reduce the cost of rubber, improve the performance of the vulcanizates make vulcanizates has special properties, such as flame retardant, conductive. Crosslinking agent is a variety of organic peroxide, such as benzoyl peroxide, 4 - Dichloro benzoyl peroxide, peroxide carboxyl, 5 - Two tertiary butyl peroxide, etc. In order to avoid mixing time is too long, 'structure, the distribution of hard machining and mature, joined the structure control agent. Methyl hydroxy silicone oil or diphenyl dihydroxy paraffin can be used as structure control agent. Side base on the main chain of the silicone rubber can be methyl, propyl vinyl, phenyl, three fluorine, etc. Methyl is the most commonly used, other groups can also be introduced, to improve the processing performance. Therefore, according to the side of the silicone rubber and rubber formula, can get different USES silicon rubber. Generally has the following several types: general type ( Methyl and vinyl) , high temperature and low temperature ( Including phenyl and methyl and vinyl) , low compression permanent deformation ( Methyl and vinyl) And low shrinkage ( To volatilize) And resistance to solvent ( Fluorine and silicone rubber) And so on. Here are several important silicone rubber. Silicon rubber sealing ring needs to be done which tests in addition to the ozone aging, can also be used for hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, hot air aging, the rate of keeping the aging hardness, tensile properties before and after compression permanent deformation, corrosion test, liquid resistance test, shrinkage rate and low temperature test, compression stress relaxation, etc. Above is foshan rubber co. , LTD. , sorting, silicon rubber sealing ring technical requirement of silicone rubber sealing ring needs to be done which tests the related content, hope to be of help. Recommend related products silicone watch silica gel hand ring silica gel bib pocket silicone ice silicone accessories food grade silica gel
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