'Silicon rubber products introduction:' after the depreciation of trouble

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
Silicone rubber products factory small make up to know that the yuan suddenly last week in the value of the active and impact, some national and regional economic and trade ties with China closely, its currency has also been a lot. The more closely, the trade relationship with China money is affected and the greater involvement. Drake ( HansRedeker) And recently proposed 'trouble' 10 countries ( Troubled10) This concept, to describe the 10 countries or regional currencies will be facing the biggest risk. This 'trouble' the 10 countries currencies, including the brics countries South African rand, Brazilian real, the Russian ruble, the surrounding areas of China such as the baht, the Singapore dollar, KRW, nt, and Chile pesos in Latin American countries, Peruvian sol and Colombia peso, etc. About silicone rubber products silicone products manufacturer small make up think, as a result of the 10 countries or regions, many in China as the largest export market. In 2014, for example, South Africa's exports to China accounted for 37%; South Korea's exports to China are also more than 30% of its total exports. Among them, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian regions, the vast majority of exports are dependent on China, and to drive the country's economic growth. But in recent days, China's economic slowdown will naturally affect the economic growth in these countries. Of course, from the yuan sudden devaluation caused by the influence and impact, the butterfly effect is much larger than expected. Because, as in recent years, China's economic strength has increased, and many countries on the international trade increasingly close relationship, especially with the accelerating the process of RMB internationalization, cross-border yuan more frequently and widely used. In this case, the renminbi sudden devaluation, monetary and economic effects and impact of these countries is also very big. Small make up remind everybody, silicone rubber products manufacturer on their purse strings, depreciation means that our economy will be a new twist. The article from the professional manufacturer of silicone rubber products - Reprint please indicate the source!
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