Silicon earphone sets of washing dirty?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicon earphone set of cleaning method in the case of out of silicon earphone cases usually inevitable contamination to some dust, can use the water gently wipe off the dust on the surface of the can. Silicon earphone cases in relatively difficult to clean up in the sticky stains, such as such as lipstick, brush can use warm water to soak for a while first, next reoccupy dishcloth to wipe. If with cooking oil, industrial oil and other oily substances, can use a little bit hot water to soak, soaking time can be according to the observation of oily volatile, can also add some aid to oily be soiled, such as common detergent to speed the process of degreasing. If silicon earphone cases in the case of accidentally touch the things are difficult to remove the paint or correction fluid, you will need to add the corresponding phase grams, then take an old toothbrush to wash way can quickly clean silicon earphone case. Silicon earphone cases after long time use, if worry about bacteria breeding, can every once in a while is disinfected with boiling water for cleaning or directly into the pot boiled for a moment. Considerations for silicon earphone case is silicone raw materials production, so when making clean or use to avoid contact with open flame, carefully by melting fire, also need to stay away from sharp objects, in order to avoid cut surface, remember in the sun to dry after cleaning in every time, prevent bacteria from breeding again.
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