Silica powder puff is what? To use?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Are you still using the traditional sponge puff, beauty makeup? With the progress of science and technology, foreign friends have started using silica powder puff, unexpectedly makeup tools also evolve to this degree, science and technology can change everything really is! Although the silica powder puff in abroad is very hot, but the domestic to the popularization of silica powder puff is relatively small, today on the silica gel powder puff why can fire time abroad. Looks crystal clear, like a silicone jelly powder puff let you look at it all kind of want to eat dry wipe clean it. Don't think this kind of silica gel powder puff is apparent, the sight is not used, it is durable, even more than a sponge puff. Silicone material silica powder puff smooth surface, no pore, so don't absorb fluid foundation, so completely don't have to worry about expensive foundation will be eating puff. Because the surface of the silica gel powder puff smooth powder, so it can be used to the quality of a material is relatively dry type cap foundation, foundation cream, liquid blush, powdery cake, etc. , after the makeup effect really can let a person shine at the moment. Smooth surface to make, the more natural break foundation doesn't loss to the sponge puff ( But cannot be used for the quality of a material is water embellish, liquidity is stronger foundation) No pores on the surface, so the information is very convenient, because there is no force of absorption, so only need to use a wet towel to wipe after use, then it is ok, with water as you use, and can wash, not like a sponge producing bacteria.
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