Silica gel which good dough pad and wooden panel

by:Keyuan     2020-08-24
Silicone dough pad is now using the market more kitchen utensils, this kind of mat can make steamed bread auxiliary materials for use, in the process of we rub surface to prevent slip or fall will be placed at the bottom of the silica gel dough before use cushion, this method can ensure that the product won't appear the situation above. Silicone dough mat is made of food grade silica gel for, the quality of the product and production process is very good also, the wooden panel is use more early, but prone to shake and stained with sticky phenomenon, is not convenient to operate and must to use on surface of the special flat on the table, but also easy to breed bacteria can not be used for a long period of time, the new board can't be used at the time, because the product itself will be a heavy wood taste, must be cleaned before operation. Used silica gel dough mat have numerous advantages, such as easy to clean, but also to use without any taste, with simple operation, don't need to be repeated cleaning can be used directly, in the process of product use also won't appear with sticky situation, an operation to achieve a few hours, the silicone dough pad without touching something hard, or it will damage the silicon surface, so we should pay attention to, not only the silicone dough pad can't touch something hard, including silicone baking mat and silicone steamer pad.
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