Silica gel tableware than traditional tableware have what advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-06
Silica gel tableware characteristics because of silica gel and heat-resistant properties, heat resistance of 240 ℃ high temperature deformation, - 40 ℃ won't produce hardening phenomenon, so this product is fully staffed, very practical, we don't have to classification of casual in a microwave, don't worry about the melting and aging and yellowing phenomenon, and it is easy washing, can use less or even do not use detergent containing chemical substances, practicability and convenience are very strong, very suitable for use in their life. Traditional tableware in real life, we the tableware of different materials are diverse, ceramics have plastic glass and stainless steel, but we find that: in the use of ceramic tableware design is very beautiful, let a person feel very well at the first glance, but ceramic material quality itself, so carelessly ke touching the gap or is broken, can only be thrown away by then, plastic tableware, although won't appear the phenomenon of ceramics, but used friends all know that it is difficult to clean after plastic tableware is dirty, sometimes need to hot water and detergent together, everyone knows the cleaner is more or less contain some chemicals, use more bad after all. And finally the stainless steel tableware, stainless steel, beautiful appearance and durable but if inadequately protected prone to rust phenomenon, and because of the material we found not heat-resistant stainless steel products, heat, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and cannot be stored for a long period. Also, not with baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and other washing. Because these substances are strong electrolyte, electrochemical reaction and stainless steel. The advantage of silica gel tableware silica gel relative to the ceramic tableware, plastic tableware, hardware, silica gel tableware harmony together with temperature, in which food is cold is hot, can protect the temperature of the food itself, reduce the loss of the change of temperature and a period of time in the silicone bowl or pot food can still maintain the original temperature, when use will not convey the temperature of the corresponding to the user. And silicone material itself has is different from other materials to the particularity of let the made products have amazing use effect. Such as landing silent food vessel, after high temperature cooking, also does not produce harmful substances. And folding tableware, kneading, reversible, inside pocket also does not occupy a space, nor the oil. Itself has desiccant, also won't because of the long-term storage and moldy, qualitative change. By comparing we find tableware and silicone material on the market at present is better. It can be folded, kneading, reversible, is desiccant adsorption oil, and will not be moldy for long-term storage, metamorphism, and the resistance to high temperature and low temperature of the silicone material itself, so produced products will not appear aging or after high temperature heating melting phenomenon, very suitable for our life now. Silica gel tableware is a recommended material tableware.
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